2024 Winter League successes

Ditchling recurve teams did very well in the Selby Winter Postal League winning both Division 12 Portsmouth and Division 9 Frostbite, and our longbow archers came a close second in their division.

In the BA Postal League, recurve outshone their rivals in Division 6 with another first and made 3rd in Division 5.

Sussex County Indoor Championships – 28th January – Portsmouth round

Congratulations to all archers – we had some fantastic results!

Barebow Women:

2nd Mel Woolgar

Recurve Men:

2nd Ben Green

10th Josh Wild

Recurve Women:

7th Julia Johnson

Asiatic Bow:

1st Toby Cronshaw

Recurve under 14s :

2nd Shivaansh Garg

Recurve under 12s:

2nd Soham Garg